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No, Trump Is Not “Defunding” The Post Office (Or Social Security)

American politicians speak a language that is similar, but not identical, to English. Specifically, they employ a number of terms that bear no resemblance to those terms’ actual definitions. This is why supporters of those politicians will go so far as to change the dictionary to justify this Newspeak. The distorted definition then becomes “official” and, to paraphrase the words of a certain famous politician, any lie repeated often enough eventually becomes “true” in the minds of the public.

Thus, Democrats redefined “racism” as “power plus prejudice,” changing the long established definition from “judging people by race.” This enables them to claim that nobody with dark skin has “power,” and thus to contend (with the authority of the dictionary behind them) that “only white people can be racist.”

In the same vein, politicians regularly redefine terms like “taxes” and “confiscation,” using carefully selected terms like “investment” instead. In the history of human civilization, it has never been the case that an “investment” is defined as taking money from the person who earned it and giving it to someone else who has not. Yet today, we are told that taking your money and wasting it on things you don’t agree with is an “investment.” The pillaging of the English language continues apace as each new issue gets its own bureaucrat argot.

When they’re not redefining terms to lie to you, the Democrats are simply stating their own misinterpretations as fact. Thus, when Trump says he wants to reduce payroll taxes for specific Americans — and that he’d like to make that reduction permanent — the Democrats manufacture from whole cloth the lie that this will “defund Social Security.”

It won’t.

Social Security has been dangerously insolvent for years, but the reductions Trump is recommending are no more “defunding social security” than changing some other line item in the tax law. It changes which people the government takes money FROM; it does not stop the government from taking money from people.

Likewise, this made-up flap over “defunding the post office” is yet more Democrat lying after coming to conclusions not supported by the evidence. Yes, Trump is very concerned that mass mail-in votes would leave the election open to fraud. He should be worried. Over and over again, Democrats have stolen elections by miraculously discovering ballots after the fact. (That’s how the disgraced Al Franken took office, for example.)

Trump’s even said that if the Post Office doesn’t receive massive amounts of funding, it won’t be able to handle the burdens of all Americans voting by mail. He isn’t wrong about that… and he also hasn’t said he won’t fund the Post Office. But Trump is notoriously casual about the things he says out loud, so speculating about the Post Office’s ability to handle the burden without funding — and mentioning this in the same breath as his concerns about fraud — led Democrat journalists to write headlines like, “Trump Admits He’s Undermining The USPS.”

He isn’t, and the Post Office isn’t in any more danger than it already was.

What none of the politicians want to admit is that the Post Office has been losing money for years. It’s poorly run, poorly managed, not particularly reliable (you wouldn’t send cash through the mail, and you’d never send a valuable or even irreplaceable parcel by USPS when you could send it FedEx or UPS). The pandemic put additional strain on the Post Office, just like it did on all other major shipping companies and mail-order companies (like Amazon).

In other words, the Post Office was going to fail without massive infusions of cash well before this talk of mail-in voting started. Democrats have simply found a way to blame Trump for yet another thing he hasn’t done and isn’t doing — and he’s obliged them by giving them sound bites they can misconstrue as “proof.” Their stenographers in the press then recite these lies and opinions as fact, producing yet another 24-hour news cycle of “Trump is a bad man doing bad things because he wants to be bad to you.”

The purpose of creating these action lines – “Trump is defunding the Post Office,” or “Trump is defunding Social Security,” is to scare people. Specifically, it is to scare senior citizens, who often rely on the Post Office for medical deliveries (this was explicitly cited by partisan operative Robert Reich on Twitter) and who definitely rely on Social Security for their incomes. If the Democrats can scare these voters by lying to them, the donkeys have a greater chance of stealing back the power they so desperately crave.

In that, these lies are similar to all other Democrat lies. They are lies of convenience — lies intended to manipulate you into the dreadful mistake of empowering Democrats in November. If you vote for Democrats, if you vote out Trump, these problems will not improve — but at least Democrat journalists in the media will tell you they have. That’s something, I guess, even if it’s just another lie atop a mountain of falsehoods.


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