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We MUST hold Democrats Accountable For Their Violence

Representative Ayanna Pressley, one of the America-hating traitors elected to Congress along with idiots like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently called explicitly for violence against Republicans. This is nothing new. Maxine Waters called for similar violence, demanding that conservatives and Republicans be chased out of every aspect of public life. Members of Trump’s cabinet have been targeted for the same treatment. Over and over again, Democrats have made it clear that they are entirely comfortable doing violence to those with whom they disagree.

While they usually cloak their calls for violence in the language of protest and revolution, there is no mistaking the intent. Since losing the 2016 election, Democrats have become increasingly unhinged. They’ve sought solace in the power of political violence, the sole reason for the rise to prominence of “Antifa” in the last few years.

A “street fighting arms race” has been the result. When the first radical left-wing protesters got their rear ends handed to them by counter-protesters wearing motorcycle helmets and other improvised armor, the Antifa thugs moved from baseball bats (one of their favorites) to spears (masquerading as flag poles) and a variety of home-built shields. When the authorities refused to put a stop to these violent demonstrations, when Antifa and their fellow travelers were given free rein to assault whomever they wanted without consequences, things quickly got worse.

Before long, they were making improvised bludgeons with which to beat people. Doling out concussions with bike locks got old fast, so they moved on to fireworks. Fireworks are dangerous enough when they’re fired like weapons, but Antifa didn’t stop there. They started embedding nails in these explosives to create deadly shrapnel. They also discovered commercial laser pointers, which they used to blind multiple federal law enforcement officers — permanently.

While Antifa and, to a lesser extent, the protesters of Black Lives Matter have been ramping up their tactics, they’e also been expanding the battlegrounds on which they fight. Not content to assault innocent people in public streets, not satisfied with stopping traffic or blinding federal law enforcement officers trying to protect federal property, they moved on to residential homes.

Previous demonstrations at private homes targeted members of the Trump administration and even television personality Tucker Carlson. You no longer have to be famous to be threatened in your own home, however. Black Lives Matter activists marched into a residential neighborhood recently and demanded white residents give up their homes. Another march through a suburban neighborhood in the middle of the night was intended to “wake up” those just sleeping in their beds. Antifa and/or BLM (there is little difference, at this point) even followed a woman home and tried to blind her with laser pointers because she was allegedly wearing a swastika armband.

We’ve come too far since the days when BLM just walked into restaurants and disrupted the meals of the people eating there. We’ve crossed a Rubicon since Democrat politicians demanded you “get in the faces” of anyone who dared express a political opinion Democrats dislike. Obama setting up a snitch site for people to report “misinformation” about Obama, encouraging Americans to “inform” on Americans like so many KGB operatives, seems quaint by comparison.

The problem with all these tactics is that they bring us to a precipice. Americans can disagree and, yes, even dislike those on the “other side”… as long as they know there are rules. If neither party can go home to peace and quiet, if we all must live in a constant state of fear of assault, we’ll quickly become unraveled. No human being can live under that kind of pressure. When you subject individuals to that kind of constant, mortal danger, what you get are heartless, cruel, numbed combatants who start seeing violence as the only solution to all problems.

The Left has been happy to use violence to achieve its political ends. What it forgets at its peril, with a stick in its hand, is that it is poking a much, much more dangerous bear. Those on the right have long held a near-monopoly on the tools and the training of violence. It’s part of the mindset. Right-wingers are much more likely to be warriors than are left-wingers; they are much more likely to be willing to fight for what is right.

Their sense of morality, their sense of decorum, their respect for the consequences of their actions, is all that has held the Right in check until now. If you make these good people, these people skilled and experienced with knives, with guns, in survival, in self-defense — hobbies, pastimes, and even vocations that have always been dominated by right-wingers — fear for their lives, they’ll break. They’ll crumble under the pressure and they’ll start to lash out.

If that happens, the result will not be what the Left wants. It will not be what they expect. And it will not be anything that peaceful, responsible Americans want to happen in their country. This is a future that we must avoid at all costs, one we must struggle to prevent. The only way to do that is to start holding Democrats responsible for their crimes in the streets — and to start bringing them to justice for their calls to violence.


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