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The Disaster That Is Merrick Garland

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The Attorney General of the United States is much more powerful than you might think. The Attorney General sets the legal agenda for the nation, up to and including deciding whether to enforce our laws selectively.  When Eric Holder was Attorney General, for example, he refused to prosecute thugs who used weapons to menace Pennsylvania voters at a polling place. His reason? The thugs were Black Panthers. He would not prosecute black men for threatening white voters. In this way, the Attorney General can guarantee that the rule of law does not hold sway. Instead, when a good progressive Democrat holds the Attorney General appointment, the whims of Democrats become the only law of the land.

As his confirmation progresses, Garland has failed to answer a number of questions from Republicans . In so doing, Garland’s evasive, weaselly responses have only emphasized how dangerous he would have been on the Supreme Court. The Republicans kept Merrick Garland off the Court and should forever be congratulated for it. It was a purely political move, yes — and it’s one that benefited the people of the United States.

Now that Biden (or, more accurately, Biden’s puppeteers) have given Garland the consolation prize of Attorney General, Mr. Garland is in the spotlight revealing disturbing truths about his corrosive approach to the law. Most of the time, he doesn’t actually answer, and you must draw conclusions about what he believes based on what he doesn’t say.

Mr. Garland doesn’t know if Asian students are being discriminated against by, say, Harvard, even though it’s obvious that Harvard prioritizes black applicants. Garland ummed and uhhed and stammered his way through a series of other tortured statements on a variety of such topics, most of the time saying he “couldn’t say” or “didn’t know.” Among the many questions Garland can’t answer are whether the government should prosecute illegal aliens, for example. He also doesn’t know if boys should be allowed to play girls’ sports because they say they are girls. He hasn’t “studied the issue,” you see.

One of the few things Merrick Garland can answer, and enthusiastically so, is whether the government should be infringing on Americans’ gun rights. His answer is an eager yes, and he will gladly be part of Joe Biden’s assault on the Second Amendment. These rare affirmations tell us that Merrick Garland is everything we fear he is: A good little progressive Democrat who will rubber-stamp Democrat assaults on the Constitution while looking away from Democrats’ crimes.

You can bet Merrick Garland will be no friend to the First Amendment as well. Democrats in Congress have taken the unprecedented step of trying to make it illegal to have different opinions. They want to drive Fox News, Newsmax, and any other conservative-leaning media outlet off the nation’s cable and satellite providers. That’s because Democrats have decided any opinion they disagree with, even completely subjective ones, equal “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.” You see, you aren’t allowed to believe what you want to believe anymore; you must believe ONLY what Democrats say, or else you are a filthy seditionist QAnon domestic terrorist insurrectionist.

In a way, though, it’s hard to get too worked up about Merrick Garland. Sure, he’s annoying. Sure, he’s no public speaker. Sure, he’s a terrible judge who will make a terrible Attorney General. And sure, he will likely give Democrats a free pass while abusing his authority in pursuit of Republicans. He did say, thankfully, that it was inappropriate for the mechanisms of government to target political opposition… but given the company he keeps, one imagines he’ll soften on that position once he’s wielding the power of his new title.

Merrick Garland will certainly be a disaster, but honestly, terrible law enforcement in the United States is hardly our biggest concern. President Biden’s puppeteers have made him say the darnedest things while signing an unprecedented flurry of executive orders. With the stroke of a pen, Biden had destroyed thousands of jobs, wrecked women’s sports, turned our border porous, raised the prices of insulin by hundreds of percent, and obliterated America’s energy independence. He’s vowed to abuse his powers in infringing on the Second Amendment and, like Garland, will also target the First Amendment. In every conceivable dimension, the Democrats as a whole are much more dangerous for America than Merrick Garland as an individual.

What Garland will do, however, is lend Democrats’ illegal activities an air of legitimacy. When he refuses to prosecute Democrats for their crimes, it will be as if those crimes haven’t happened. When he targets Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians, it will lend these attacks an air of authority they should not have. Garland exists, not to innovate, but to affirm. His role will be that of patting more powerful Democrats on the back and telling them “Attaboy” when they successfully abuse their power.

Yes, Merrick Garland will be a disaster — but compared to the disaster that is the Biden-Harris administration, it’s hard to get more upset than most Republicans already are.


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