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Yes, Republicans Do Care That People Die From Coronavirus

“57 percent of Republicans say coronavirus death toll is ‘acceptable,'” screams the headline in The Hill. We are meant to conclude from this, and from the breathless and heavily selective reporting in the article itself, that Republicans are mustache-twirling, heartless villains who don’t care when people die.

That is a lie.

The fact that it is a lie should be obvious, but it isn’t until you bother to look at the poll questions themselves — which almost nobody will do — that you realize how this lie was perpetrated. The poll, or rather the reporting on it, is specifically constructed to look at polling results overall as compared to how Republicans answered the poll questions. The pollsters then set up what are remarkably simplistic¬† questions with simple-phrase responses by first priming the respondents to produce the results the pollsters wanted.

The subtext is equally obvious. President Trump has, despite inconsistent and sometimes contradictory messaging from the CDC and the Surgeon General, handled the pandemic as well as any president could. Somehow we’ve all forgotten that he closed our borders to travel from the China, a move decried as “racist” — and even one that would make things worse by — Democrats. The Communist Chinese (not to mention the ChiCom puppets at the WHO) also complained… and now a US passport is basically worthless because everybody has closed their borders.

I’m old enough to remember when this was exactly what Obama refused to do in response to the Ebola outbreak during his administration. Yet Democrats, with the power of 20/20 hindsight, then tried to claim Trump hadn’t done enough to stop this Chinese pandemic, one whose effects were exacerbated by Chinese obfuscations and disinformation produced by the WHO itself (which initially insisted person to person spread of COVID-19 was rare).

We should not be surprised by the hypocrisy of Democrats, who exhibit memories shorter than the denizens of Airstrip One when it comes to government proclamations. Governor Cuomo in New York complained bitterly when neighboring states wanted to quarantine visitors from New York State… yet was more than happy to put most of the rest of the nation on a quarantine list when New York was on the down slope of the coronavirus curve.

This type of hypocrisy, this inability to remember even recent history, has marked Democrat propaganda about coronavirus since the donkeys realized this was a weapon they could use to prevent Trump’s reelection. They openly wished for a recession to make this possible (Bill Maher said so explicitly), but the endless lock-downs and quarantine power-grabs gave them exactly what they needed.

They’ve resisted any attempts to restart the economy since. politicizing reporting on COVID-19, even costing lives by restricting potentially useful medications that Trump happened to tout. This is to say nothing of the disastrous Democrat policies that slaughtered nursing home residents by the thousands — a fact that has disappeared down the memory hole. Meanwhile the execrable Andrew Cuomo has been given a book deal to describe his masterful pandemic leadership. Gaslighting doesn’t get any better than that.

All this matters because Republican voters are only too aware of Democrat propaganda where the Chinese virus is concerned. They know that Trump has been unfairly criticized, and his response mischaracterized, in order to hurt his reelection chances. Thus, when the poll questions prime them by asking them about the handling of the virus (and the over-reporting of deaths from it…

…it should come as no surprise that they respond by saying the death tool is “acceptable.” After all, the question offers no context. Acceptable to whom? Acceptable or unacceptable by what standard? Compared to what, and in what context? Acceptable in terms of restarting the economy? Acceptable in the sense that the Trump administration prevented a much higher death toll? Unacceptable in the sense that the Chinese government lied for weeks and, had it not, the virus might have been contained more effectively?

The question itself therefore makes no sense, but coming on the heels of the previous two questions, it’s meant to make Republicans look callous and insensitive. The reporting on the poll then used this contrived weapon, this orchestrated hit job, to defame and libel all Trump supporters and Republican voters. This was why the poll, and comparisons of the poll results to Republican respondents from within that pool, were constructed.

Trump has taken a lot of grief for calling the “lying press” the “enemy of the people.” In this bold and transparent attack, in this brazen attempt to codify as “news” some Democrat pollster’s contrived hit-piece on Republican voters, the press could not be any more obvious in their hostility. They’ve declared their enmity for anyone who is not a Democrat; they’ve expressed their partisan loyalties loudly and proudly.

No, Republicans are not callous monsters. Yes, Republicans care if people die from coronavirus. They are, however, very aware of attempts to defame them by a press firmly under Democrat control. For this reason, no Democrat reporting on the mental state of Republicans can or should be trusted — even when it is dressed up as a poll. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics… and this poll and its coverage comprise all three.

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