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(FREE BOOK) How Spies Smuggle Guns Into Enemy Countries

From Former CIA Officer and New York Times Bestselling Author Jason Hanson…

Here’s an amazing spy story about the Second Amendment…


This story may or may not be true.  (That’s for any government snoops out there.)


Anyways, an intelligence operative was sent to a small country in Asia. It was a poor country that was plagued by terrorism. The operative was supposed to track down a terror cell and get eyes on the ringleader.


Once he identified the ringleader and had a set location, Special Forces were supposed to come in and make the ringleader “disappear.”

This was an extremely dangerous mission and the operative (naturally) wanted to carry a pistol with him at all times. In fact, he wanted to carry multiple pistols, so that he always had a backup weapon.


The thing is, this country was (and still is) very anti-gun. It was nearly impossible to get a gun into this country.


To make matters worse, the US ambassador to this country was a gun-grabbing politician.


So, not only did the operative have to worry about the local government… but he also had to worry about the US government.


Here’s the good news…

This operative was extensively trained in two very unique skill sets:

  1. Spy tactics for procuring “off the books” guns in order to stay armed and alive in the most dangerous places on earth.
  2. Covert tricks and tips for how to hide firearms so they’ll never be found – even by the most determined government thugs.

Bottom line, with these skills, he was able to accomplish his mission – while armed – no thanks to the US ambassador.


And today, he’s ready to come clean about how he did it…

And, how every American gun owner can procure and hide guns that the government will never know about.


This information has never been more timely and is critical to ensuring our freedoms in this country.


To see how he did it and how you can use this for your benefit, click on the blue link below now.

How spies smuggle guns into enemy countries.